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NW Christian college & unmarried pregnant teacher case

September 30, 2015 --

By Christian News Northwest

Did a Christian university here act appropriately in firing a faculty member for becoming pregnant out of wedlock?

Coty Richardson, the faculty member, has her own strong opinion on it.

So she’s suing Northwest Christian University for $650,000.

As reported by both The Oregonian and Eugene Register-Guard newspapers, Richardson filed the lawsuit early last month in Lane County Circuit Court following her July 22 dismissal.

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Portland school defends ‘obscenity’ assignment

September 28, 2015 --

A Portland charter school teacher came under fire for giving her students an assignment that involved the B-word and N-word and the social debate around those words. View the KATU-2 news clip below.

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Dispute: Ore. Planned Parenthood hearings

September 23, 2015 --

cap-smallThere has been a lot of back and forth on the proposed Oregon Planned Parenthood hearings in Salem. Here is a quick breakdown of what happened and what both sides have said.
By Faith News Note:

In light of national news over Planned Parenthood videotapes and Congressional Hearings, 19 Oregon House Republicans made a call to hold hearings in the State Capitol next week during a seasonal gathering of Legislative hearings.

State Representative Jodi Hack issued this reason for the hearings.

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Pope’s visit: How to handle the LGBT issue

September 21, 2015 --

Krattenmaker-tomBy Tom Krattenmaker
 Award-winning Portland-based writer
Recent book: The Evangelicals you Don’t Know
Tom’s article also featured on USA Today

“Love is our mission.” So proclaims the promo language for the Catholic World Meeting of Families, which begins Sept. 22 in Philadelphia and will feature the most famous and well-loved Catholic of them all, Pope Francis.

But what’s being shown LGBT Catholics and their supporters in the runup to Philadelphia feels less like love and more like a chill wind.

Over recent weeks, as meeting planners have gone through the frenzy of logistics, security details, and endless other organizing tasks, they have collided with a social change juggernaut that poses a difficult dilemma for the church: the gay rights movement, and a level of support it enjoys in the U.S. that has gone from minuscule to solid majority status seemingly overnight.

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Faith film ‘Captive’ a griping true story

September 18, 2015 --

The movie Captive opens this weekend and tells a true story of a woman caught up in a hostage situation in her own home. See video below.

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Video: Judge Day goes public

September 16, 2015 --

It has made front page news all last week about Oregon County Judge Vance Day who is under an investigation over several issues including the issue of same sex marriage. Judge Vance Day spoke before KATU-2 “Your Voice, Your Vote” this weekend to answer those questions.

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Wish Fox News was at the Muslim wedding I was at

September 14, 2015 --

Metzger-RickBy Paul Louis Metzger
professor at Mutnomah Biblical Seminary

I wish Fox News could have been at the Muslim wedding celebration we attended Friday. There would have been nothing sensational to report, only something very normal and wholesome. That’s what made it newsworthy.

Many Westerners view Muslims as terrorists. While there are some who claim to commit gross, violent acts as adherents of Islam, that is not true of the Muslims I know (and countless other Muslims I do not know). And while I don’t wish to excuse those acts, I also don’t want to make excuses for sweeping generalizations like all Muslims are terrorists or terrorists wannabes.

It is important that we get to know people as people, no matter who they are, including Muslims. That’s easier said than done given sensationalism in the media and our own creative imaginations. That’s why it is important to engage in uneventful conversations and witness everyday life with Muslims, as in the case of this wedding celebration.

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Fireproof & Courageous creators release new film

September 11, 2015 --

From the makers of Flywheel, Fireproof and Courageous, now comes a new film called “The War Room”. It is about teh power of prayer. See clip below.

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125 non-profits unite for state’s #1 volunteer expo

September 9, 2015 --

standardexpo2015 Volunteer Expo,

The Standard Launches New Storytelling Project Profiling Oregon Volunteers

New #MyVolunteerStory video booth at The Standard’s Sept. 10 Volunteer Expo gives Portlanders a chance to share why they volunteer

Tomorrow, Oregon’s largest and longest running volunteer expo returns to Pioneer Courthouse Square for its seventh consecutive year. The Standard’s Volunteer Expo is a free event that brings more than 125 nonprofits together in one place, helping Portlanders discover volunteer and donation opportunities that fit their skills and interests.

From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., Volunteer Expo attendees can meet with and learn about a wide variety of nonprofits that make a difference in the community. Participating organizations represent the arts, culture, the environment, animal welfare, human services and more.

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Nation spotlight: Oregon judge on marriage


courtNation spotlight on Oregon ‘marriage’ judge
By Faith News Note:

The story of the Oregon judge, Vance Day, has gone beyond state headlines into national media attention with the story being picked up on CBS News, New York Daily News, Newsmax, The Examiner and more. Marion County Circuit Court Judge Vance Day has stopped performing all weddings — an option given to county circuit judges. Judge Vance Day through a spokesman said he does not wish to feel compelled to approve same-sex marriages which are against his personal beliefs. There is currently an investigation by the Commission on Judicial Fitness and Disability that deals with the issue of screening marriage candidates as well as other complaints (details). Vance has created a legal fund to help with any expenses that might arise.   The events are magnified in light of other national cases involving the role and responsibilities of businesses and public officials in handling same-sex marriage requests by the public.

Below is KGW-TV reporting on the event.

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