December 30, 2015 - Rev. Graham to visit Oregon Capitol

By Faith News Note, Beginning next week, the Rev. Franklin Graham will begin a 50-state capitol tour of America calling on people to pray and vote. Rev. Graham says this election could be the most important in American history and is calling the tour the Decision America Tour. Graham also […]

December 28, 2015 - Church & science as partners

By Paul Louis Metzger Multnomah University Professor New Wine Skins Ministry Recently, I corresponded with Dr. Steve Baker, a medical doctor who oversees New Heights Clinic in Vancouver, Washington. We discussed the Barna Group’s findings that many young people are leaving churches today because they perceive them as antagonistic to […]

December 25, 2015 - Photo: Santa prays too

From Fox News, A 4-year-old South Carolina boy touched hearts around the world when he told a mall Santa that his Christmas wish list included Santa’s prayers for a baby on life support in Las Vegas. Prestyn Barnette met Santa at the Dutch Square Mall in Columbia., S.C., a week […]

December 23, 2015 - A novel twist on the war on Christmas

By Tom Krattenmaker  Award-winning Portland-based writer Recent book: The Evangelicals you Don’t Know Tom’s article also featured on USA Today If you’re one of the growing number of Americans who are not religious, and if you’re irked by religious holiday displays in public spaces this time of year, here’s an […]

December 21, 2015 - PDX Faith leaders press conference against Islamophobia

Below is an Oregon Ecumenical Ministries press release quote and a press video of the media announcement: “These attacks have caused shock waves in our communities. They are being used by some as a pretext for instilling a frightening climate that turns every Muslim into a potential suspect. Many Muslim […]

December 18, 2015 - Supreme Court asked to take Catholic school case

Michael Bindas, Institute for Justice, Anti-Catholicism has been called America’s last acceptable prejudice. Acceptable or not, it is enshrined in the constitutions of more than half the U.S. states. Inspired by the original 1875 congressional supporter, James Blaine, state “Blaine” amendments barred funding for “sectarian” schools, which in Protestant America […]

December 16, 2015 - Ore. Muslim issues Mosque challenge

Oregon Faith News Note. An Oregon Muslim woman named, Saba Ahmed, was on Fox News this month in a US flag hijab. Saba has formed a group called the Republican Muslim Coalition. Saba was also a COngressional candidate in the last election. Saba is on the show to talk about […]

December 15, 2015 - Local ministry offers free Christmas cards

Oregon Faith News Note, David & Helen Haidle of Seed Faith Books are giving away free Christmas cards this season to those in need. These Christmas cards have a Christian message of hope, love, joy and peace and focus on the birth of Jesus. The cards are for prisons, jails […]

December 14, 2015 - Faith take on refugees

By Randy Alcorn Eternal Perspectives Ministries, Sandy Oregon Please visit his blog People have been discussing this issue for weeks, generating a lot more heat than light. Angry and dismissive responses to others’ positions have been routine. I think it’s worth continuing the discussion, since even after this particular issue […]

December 11, 2015 - Protesters disrupt Catholic Mass

By Catholic League for Religious & Civil Rights Catholic churches in Las Vegas are being stormed by an organized band of crazed evangelicals known as Koosha Las Vegas. They invade churches during Mass, shouting at parishioners to repent. “Pope is Satan!” “Mary is a Satan!” “Stop worshipping the idols!” “Idols […]