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Oregon plays role in global sex trafficking business

April 30, 2009 --

From Betsy Maynard,
Oregon Family Council

On Friday, the Judiciary Committee heard testimony on a bill that would begin the process of allowing cities to regulate and zone nude dancing establishments.  We believe sexually oriented businesses are bad for Oregon families, and neighborhoods and that HJR 42 would be a positive step toward allowing communities to zone sexually oriented businesses.

It is not rare to see nude dancing establishments just up the street from a public library or park.  Sexual addiction, fed by strip clubs, leads to escalation and a desire for increasingly graphic or violent activities, desensitization, and finally acting out sexually.  This does nothing to strengthen families, or protect vulnerable women and children.

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Portland agency rushes aid to war survivors in Sri Lanka

April 29, 2009 --

Medical Teams International,

Portland, Ore., April 27, 2009 — Medical Teams International has rushed eight emergency health kits, valued at $3.3 million, to care for 80,000 people displaced by fighting. The Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA) funded the kits shipment to Sri Lanka. While this civil war has troubled Sri Lanka for more than 25 years, observers expect fighting to end in the next weeks or months.  Government troops have pinned down rebels to a five-mile square radius.  Meanwhile 50-70,000 civilians are trapped in the war zone.  “Those are the people who need our care immediately,” says Joe DiCarlo, director of international programs for Medical Teams International.

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Portland Archbishop to ordain four transitional deacons

The quest to find a missionary tomb in Egypt

April 28, 2009 --

Randy Alcorn,
Eternal Perspective Ministries
Oregon Author of Heaven

Two years ago I received an e-mail from our friends Pat and Rakel Thurman, who had been corresponding with a tour group that was going to Egypt.

This group had a special request: they hoped to find the humble grave of missionary William Borden, which was mentioned in my book The Treasure Principle. Pat and Rakel, who were missionaries in Egypt for several years, later received an e-mail and a photo from the group after they successfully found Borden’s grave.

Here’s what they wrote:

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Palau Association Plans European Expedition

April 27, 2009 --

By Traci Scott,
Faith Reporter

The Luis Palau Association (LPA) has announced it will begin a two to three year expedition of Europe starting in late May with the goal of helping Europe return to its rich Christian heritage.  Following are some of the cities with planned events:

•    Paris, France: May 29-June 1, 2009
•    Iverness, Scotland:  June 19-20, 2009
•    Edinburgh, Scotland: Summer, 2011
•    Cambridge, England: TBD
•    Marseille, France: May, 2011
•    Milan, Italy: Oct. 28-Nov 3, 2009
•    Monte Carlo, Monaco: 2010
•    Belfast, Ireland: possibly 2012
•    Madrid, Spain: TBD

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NASCAR: National Day of Prayer Race Car Featured

April 26, 2009 --

Weekend National News Focus:

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., April 21 /Christian Newswire/ — The National Day of Prayer will once again be represented at Talladega (Ala.) Superspeedway. Furniture Row’s No. 78 National Day of Prayer Chevrolet will be competing in the Aaron’s 499 NASCAR Sprint Cup race on April 26 at the 2.66-mile oval.  This is the fourth year Furniture Row has sponsored a National Day of Prayer (NDP) car in the NASCAR race at Talladega. Last year, the NDP car and driver Joe Nemechek qualified on the pole, leaving this year’s driver, Regan Smith, with some big shoes to fill.

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Movie Review State of Play

April 25, 2009 --

Faith Review: ‘State of Play’.
By Dennis Smirl,

Another conspiracy movie involving Iraq, Afghanistan and the military as backdrops. A military contract corporation sends a female operative to work for a Senator (Ben Affleck), whose committee in looking into illegal military operations. Complications set in because she falls in love with him and they become ‘involved’ and she lands up dead, along with two other people. Russell Crowe plays Cal McCaffrey, a reporter who is supposed to be a on a one-road journey to uncover the truth of why people are being killed. Being a fan of 24 and NCIS, it was most disturbing to see everyone seeking the truth but never realizing basic security measures were needed- you know, to keep people alive. Very violent movie, but well directed. Adult situations discussed but never anything onscreen.
RT rating: 80%.
My rating: Also 80%.

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What is a Real Man? Do you know?

April 24, 2009 --

By Rick Johnson
Founder of
Oregon Author of The Power of a Man

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you are just naturally drawn to a certain man? People like being around him. You can’t quite put your finger on what it is, but you know you like it. When he comes into a room or walks down the street people automatically notice him—they see something different about him. There’s something invigorating and compelling about him. It’s exciting and even a little dangerous to be around him. He’s calm but confident, relaxed but prepared, kind but authentic, and bold but compassionate. You feel safe and better about yourself in his presence.

You’ve just encountered authentic masculinity. It’s rare, but it’s out there.

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Students Start Largest Theological Library in Rwanda

April 23, 2009 --

Multnomah University News,

On April 21, the Kigali Kollection Committee successfully collected its goal of 4,018 books for Kigali Bible College in Kigali, Rwanda.  What Is the Kigali Kollection? In the summer of 2008, Africa New Life Ministries (founded by Multnomah Biblical Seminary graduate Charles Burgeya) was awarded a grant to start a Bible training school. Upon hearing the news, a group of Multnomah students pulled together to create a library for the school-the largest theological library in Rwanda.

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Georgene Rice: Future of Religion in America

April 22, 2009 --

Georgene Rice KPDQ-FM 93.9 interview with Charles Dunn, discussing his book “ The Future of Religion in American Politics”. This collection of essays provides a wide perspective of views on religion in America and assesses  its impact in four distinct time periods.

Georgene: While some argue the separation of church and state is essential in an unbiased society, others state this country was based upon Christian principles and religion should play an integral part in our government. Due to controversial issues such as gay rights, stem cell research, the posting of the Ten Commandments   and abortion, there exists a thin and thinning line between church and state. Is “separation of church and state” an appropriate phrase when describing how communities should relate to one another?

Dunn: Separation of church and state is a phrase that is not in the U.S. Constitution. It was a phrase given to us by Thomas Jefferson who was not a delegate to the Constitutional Convention.  What we need to do is go to the Constitution itself.

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