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NW orchard helps children in India with 26,000 meals

August 31, 2011 --

WA Cherry Orchard partners with nonprofit to provide 26,000 meals to Dalit children in India
By India Partners,
Eugene Oregon

In 2010, Broetje Orchards awarded India Partners $14,000 from its annual cherry crop proceeds to help provide 26,000 school lunches to Dalit students in Andhra Pradesh, India.

Every year the workers at Broetje Orchards in Prescott, Washington choose from a list of over 20 charities to receive proceeds from their annual cherry crop pickings. In 2010, India Partners’ Hungry Child Project was voted #9 by the workers at Broetje Orchards. After harvest, a net profit of $460,000 was distributed to 16 projects in 8 countries. Broetje Orchards awarded India Partners’ Hungry Child Project $14,000, which help to feed 100 poor children one meal per day, five days per week, for 12 months, totaling 26,000 meals in 2010.

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NW company pulls marijuana signs

August 30, 2011 --

Vancouver Residents Remove Controversial Medical Marijuana Signs
By Oregon Faith News Note:

A Washington-based medical referral company, PacMed Labs, has raised the ire of some Vancouver residents by posting signs offering medical marijuana cards for $150. According to PacMed Labs, it’s simply a referral company helping connect qualified patients with doctors willing to evaluate and appropriately provide them with medical marijuana to help treat chronic health conditions.

Some residents don’t see it that way. PacMed Labs did not ask permission before erecting the signs, placing them in neighborhoods and on property where they’re not wanted, including near at least one school. Concerned residents began tearing the signs down and complained to local authorities.

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Blind Side family share on the power of giving

August 29, 2011 --

Oregon radio host Georgene Rice of KPDQ-FM interviewed Sean Tuohy author of “In A Heartbeat: Sharing the Power of Cheerful Giving” and was featured in the movie, The Blind Side.

Rice: Why do you think your family’s story has captivated so many people?

Tuohy: It’s interesting, as we travel around, we are so lucky to come into contact with so many wonderful people. We’ll go to a conference and afterwards we say that we’ve met eight people who’s lives would have made a better movie…You start to feel humble and inadequate, that’s why we wrote the book…When you get down to it, it’s not anything more than what anyone else can do. We wanted to make sure that people knew is that you can’t get intimidated by the process there’s nothing too small that cannot help someone else…How this started was when my wife told me to turn to car around and go help this kid. We challenge people in this book to do the same thing…It will change your life and it will be as fast as a heartbeat.

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65% abstain from drinking shows survey of adult Christians

August 28, 2011 --

Despite a more liberalized society, young adult Christians abstain from drinking alcohol at the same rate as older Christians.

TORONTO, Ontario, — Online dating service analyzed dating profile data, specifically alcohol consumption among Christian singles. Among members of the Christian dating service that are 21 years of age and over, the majority (65%) either abstain from alcohol consumption, or rarely partake. Of specific interest, Christian singles are abstaining from drinking alcohol at the same level regardless of their age.

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Christians now praying in free Libya

August 27, 2011 --

Open Doors Reports Tripoli Christians Safe, Praying
Open Doors USA,

SANTA ANA, Calif., — While a defiant Moammar Gadhafi assured “martyrdom or victory” today in the battle against the “aggressors” in Libya, Christians in Tripoli met in prayer for the country and the future of Christians throughout the northern African nation.

The Open Doors country coordinator for Libya, who asked to remain anonymous, said: “Every day around noon, a part of the small Christian community gathers to encourage each other.”

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Lawmaker recalls Hatfield faith influence

August 25, 2011 --

Lawmaker recalls Hatfield faith influence
Oregon Faith News Note:

State Representative Vic Gilliam told the Statesman Journal on how he first met Oregon Senator Mark Hatfield who passed away this summer.  It was 1996 and Rep. Gilliam was only 13.   His father was president of Warner Pacific College and Mark Hatfield was Oregon’s governor running for the U.S> Senate.  Hatfield was speaking at a chapel service at Warner so Gilliam’s father brought him along.   Hatfield spoke about his faith and how it works with being an elected official.   Hatfield both wrote and spoke openly about his faith as a governor and United States Senator. Gilliam met Hatfield and signed his name for him.

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How to Love a Woman

August 24, 2011 --

by Rick Johnson
from Better Dads Minsitries, Oregon

Fathers are instrumental in modeling to their sons how a man is supposed to love a woman. This is not something that comes naturally to most males. Merely watch the difference in how a young man who grew up with no healthy male role models treats his wife (or more often live-in lover) versus one who grew up with a father that loved his mother. To give oneself sacrificially for the sake of another is not a natural male trait. In fact, the opposite might even generally be true. I know women look hard to find and hang on to admirable traits in all their men, especially their sons, but to be loving, kind, gentle, and compassionate in non-feminized males is unusual.

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Surprise at what your son is not telling you

August 23, 2011 --

Georgene Rice of KPDQ-FM, interviews Michael Ross, author of What Your Son Isn’t Telling You. He unlocks the secret world of teen boys, placing emphasis on not only the necessity of fathers, but also on mothers understanding of what goes on in the hearts and minds of their sons. Michael Ross takes you on an eye-opening journey into the sometimes brutal landscape that is characterized by loneliness and peer fear. He and his co-author Susie Shellenberger give insights into how to better communicate and reach and understand that young man.

Georgene: Give us just a brief glimpse into the teenage world boys face today and the “code of cruelty”.

Ross: Boys are not quite adults. They are playful one minute, but yet think very deep thoughts and very much moving toward an adult world. So, it’s this mix, this pull that they have to deal with. Let’s talk about the physical stuff they deal with. Men have a secret “Guy Code” that expects them to be rigid—don’t blink, don’t show emotion, never look weak, always be a tough guy, always be in control. Sort of the survival of the fittest with the weak being preyed upon.

Georgene: How can a mom help her son see who he really is and talk about your chapter “father hunger and guy time”?

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Chinese Persecution: Still a Tragic Reality

August 22, 2011 --

By Randy Alcorn,
Eternal Perspectives Ministries
Sandy Oregon

For the ten years since I wrote Safely Home, I’ve been regularly asked, “Isn’t persecution of Chinese Christians a thing of the past?” Yes, there are some good developments, including more Christian books being printed in China. I’m grateful for that. But despite the improvements in some areas, where persecution isn’t as bad as it once was, there are still many Chinese Christians who are persecuted.

I admit that it is tiring to keep hearing Christians say that believers aren’t being persecuted any more. They say, “I went to China, and they allow Bibles to be sold in the churches.” Yes, in the registered churches, under government control, but not in the great majority of churches, which are unregistered.

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Council urges media caution over 9-11 10th anniversary

August 21, 2011 --

Religion communicators call for civil discourse about 9/11
— RCC board urges responsible coverage of faith angles in 10th anniversary stories

A religion communicators group is calling for responsible discussion of faith groups in news coverage of 9/11’s 10th anniversary.

The Religion Communicators Council urged journalists and bloggers to “pursue accuracy, respect and understanding of people of all faiths and faith communities.” The statement is in a resolution adopted Aug. 7 in Philadelphia by the board of governors for the 400-member interfaith council (full text below).

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