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“Stomp on Jesus” stunt draws University apology

March 30, 2013 --


By Catholic League for Religious & Civil Rights

Bill Donohue comments on the “Stomp On Jesus” stunt orchestrated by Florida Atlantic University professor Deandre Poole:

On Friday, I wrote to Dr. Poole asking why he didn’t invite his students to write the name “Obama” on a piece of paper—instead of “Jesus”—and then have them stomp on it. I also provided Poole’s e-mail address so that our subscribers could relay their concerns.

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Easter attendance nears 60%

March 29, 2013 --

church-castle-rockBy Knights of Columbus,

With Easter just around the corner, most Americans say their plans for the day include attending church according to new Knights of Columbus-Marist Poll.

Nearly 6 in 10 Americans (58 percent) say they intend to be in church on Easter Sunday according to the survey. Among Catholics overall the number rises to 7 in 10 (70 percent) while among practicing Catholics the number grows to more than 9 in 10 (92 percent).

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Oregon anti-sex trafficking bill advances

March 28, 2013 --

Sex trafficking legislation receives public hearing cap-small
Senator Betsy Close Press Release

 A bill to close loopholes in Oregon’s anti-sex trafficking statutes took another step closer to becoming law on Tuesday. The Senate Judiciary Committee heard Senate Bill 673, a bi-partisan bill that strengthens the penalties for trafficking children.

“Thirteen year olds should have a chance to be kids; to have dreams and aspirations; to play soccer or go to the mall,” said Senator Betsy Close (R-Albany/Corvallis) who is sponsoring the legislation with Senator Betsy Johnson (D-Scapoose). “No child should have to suffer through the horrors of sex trafficking exploitation.”

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Christian Easter Egg — Will it fly?

March 27, 2013 --

Ideas to refocus Easter among kids gets creative & risky.
By Faith News Note:

In the United Kingdom marketers backed by local Bishops have been trying to refocus the  Easter meaning among consumers by promoting a chocolate Christian Easter Egg idea.   The egg is called “The Real Easter Egg” and it includes an activity pack  inside which tells the Easter story along with a poster and stickers.  In an effort to be tech savvy the Real Easter Egg also includes an  iTune download.   The Meaningful Chocolate Company reports that they have “sold more than 185,000 eggs and not one at a loss. We are in all major stores and have sent 120,000 via online and mailorder”.

Critics contend that after three years of market salesmanship it runs below expectations.

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Health Care Reform & “when life begins” question

March 26, 2013 --

The Affordable Care Act, and when human life begins
By Randy Alcorn
Eternal Perspectives Ministries, Sandy Oregon
Author of Heaven

When does human life begin? At conception or implantation? Your answer determines how you’ll view the Affordable Care Act.

There has been a great deal of confusion about what exactly the Affordable Care Act mandates in regards to abortion and contraceptives. Some emphatically state the ACA does not mandate employers providing insurance that covers abortifacients for their employees. Some emphatically state it does. Both accuse each other of ignorance or deception.

Here’s an attempt to clear the waters, though I’m certain some commenters will disagree, since no matter what you say about this, you can always find websites that confidently proclaim something different! 🙂 So let me just say that we’re doing our best with this information, but I can’t guarantee whether or not there will be further changes.

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Oregon AG joins same-sex case before Supreme Court

March 25, 2013 --

Oregon-department-of-justiceOregon AG Joins Briefs in US Supreme Court in Support of Same Sex Marriage
By Oregon Attorney General

Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum today announced that Oregon has joined two historic briefs in the United States Supreme Court supporting same-sex marriage.

In Hollingsworth v. Perry, Oregon joined a brief prepared by Massachusetts urging the United States Supreme Court to strike down California’s constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. Same-sex couples challenged the 2008 provision, arguing that it violated their rights under the federal constitution. The trial court found no support for the proponent’s argument that a ban on same-sex marriage was necessary to protect children. Supporters of the ban appealed to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, which affirmed the district court’s decision.

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Political opponents falsely accuse Pope Francis

March 24, 2013 --

Faith News Note:

One of America’s top Western hemisphere experts is Mary Anastasia O’Grady of the Wall Street Journal who is a regular writer for the newspaper. Much has been reported in the media about Argentine critics who fault Pope Francis for being silent if not abetting oppressive elements in Argentina during previous national struggles. O’Grady wrote about how many voices who lived through it are coming to teh defense of Pope Francis and stating such claims are untrue. Here is what O’Grady said,

Intellectually honest observers with firsthand knowledge of Argentina under military rule (1976-1983) are telling a much different story than the one pushed by Mr. Verbitsky and his ilk. One of those observers is Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, winner of the 1980 Nobel Peace Prize. Last week he told BBC Mundo that “there were bishops that were complicit with the dictatorship, but Bergoglio, no.” As to the charge that the priest didn’t do enough to free junta prisoners, Mr. Pérez Esquivel said: “I know personally that many bishops who asked the military government for the liberation of prisoners and priests and it was not granted.”

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Bible TV series hits #1 — companion book becomes bestseller

March 23, 2013 --

Roma Downey & Mark Burnett Penned ‘A Story of God and All of Us’ for the Whole Family

By Shanon Stowe,

America’s highest rated cable television program has generated a national bestselling book. FaithWords, an imprint of Hachette Book Group, is pleased to announce that A STORY OF GOD AND ALL OF US: A NOVEL BASED ON THE EPIC TV MINISERIES “THE BIBLE” by Roma Downey & Mark Burnett has become a national bestseller. The book debuted at #6 on the Publishers Weekly Hardcover Fiction list and will debut at #27 on the New York Times Hardcover Fiction list on March 24.

“We are incredibly humbled by the reaction to the series and the books,” said Roma Downey and Mark Burnett. “Working with this sacred text is a once-in-a-lifetime honor. Our hope is that the books will continue to inspire and encourage.  First the series becomes a #1 in television, now the book is the on the New York Times bestseller list.  God is moving.”

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10 traditions Pope Francis broke already

March 22, 2013 --

pope-frances-crowdFrom holding mass in a prison to a new name, Pope Francis is on tradition breaking streak.
By Faith News Note,

Pope Francis has only been selected as new Pope for a handful of days and already Pope Francis has broke from papal tradition and charter a new path.

1. He is the first Pope in over 1,000 years to not take a previous pontiff name (since Pope Lando‘s 913–914 reign).
2. Pope Francis began his announcement not with a traditional long speech but with a moment of silence and a request for Vatican crowd to pray for him.
3. Pope Francis will be hosting Mass during Holy Week at a youth prison
4. Pope Francis has been purposely wearing more modest attire by wearing white priestly cassock over the cardinal and papal robes usual worn.

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Oregon lawmakers seek legalizing pot

March 21, 2013 --

House Bill 3371 is an Oregon bill that would legalize and tax marijuana. The legalize pot bill is up for a House Judiciary Committee on April 2. The bill would add strict regulations.

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