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Should the media show the cartoons?

January 30, 2015 --

By Catholic League for Religious & Civil Rights

Bill Donohue comments on the propriety of showing the Charlie Hebdo cartoons in newspapers and on television:

When the Danish cartoons were published a decade ago, the media refused to show them. With the exception of the Boston Phoenix, which cited safety concerns, the others either gave no reason or feigned interest in not offending people of faith. But if they really believed in freedom of speech, the cartoons would have been shown.

Why? Because none was offensive: the cartoons never descended to the gutter as some of the more recent Charlie Hebdo ones have. Yes, some Muslims object to any portrayal of Muhammad, but many others do not. Moreover, the Koran does not proscribe such imagery. Ergo, these inoffensive cartoons should have been shown.

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Prison for cleric with Oregon terrorist camp plan

January 28, 2015 --

courtCleric who attempted to establish al-Qaida training camp in Oregon sentenced to life in prison
By Oregon Faith Report,

The fiery Islamic cleric who attempted to establish an al-Qaida training camp in Bly, Oregon, has been sentenced to life in prison. Last May, the cleric, Abu Hamza al-Masri (aka Mustafa Kamel Mustafa), was also convicted of taking part in a deadly kidnapping in Yemen and arranging for at least one jihadist to train in Afghanistan. According to the New York Post, Manhattan federal Judge Katherine Forrest called al-Masri’s actions “barbaric, misguided, and wrong.” She said a life sentence was appropriate because al-Masri showed no remorse and would probably do the same thing again if he were ever set free.

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Ore. woman overcomes odds to serve East Asia

January 26, 2015 --

By Sheila Allen
NW Baptist

Photo: Abby Spence traveled to East Asia on mission with hopes of spreading the name of Jesus.

GRESHAM, OR – Although she had never traveled abroad, Abby Spence wanted to go the first time she learned about an evangelistic trip to East Asia planned by her church.

“Before I went to East Asia, I never understood how big and how small the world is,” said Spence. “What I found is that even with how privileged we are in America with our freedom, our culture just blows God off. But in East Asia, they are willing to risk their lives to believe and share – and they do.”

Spence was raised from an early age in Oregon within a family of largely Mormon heritage.

“My grandma grew up Methodist and had a strong view of Christianity and introduced me to prayer,” Spence noted. “But it was later at a Vacation Bible School that I attended that I accepted Christ.”

After Spence married her husband, Jeremy, they looked for a church together and found a home at Greater Gresham (OR) Baptist Church.

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Book: Hubble telescope reveals creation

January 23, 2015 --

The Hubble telescope will turn 25 on April 24, 2015. It has been orbiting the earth making one complete orbit every 97 minutes for 25 years. It has taken hundreds of thousands of photos of the universe. It has captured a frame by frame photo drama of creation, giving us the details Genesis left out, according to author Paul Hutchins.

Hutchins, who did four years of research into the discoveries made by Hubble says, “when you stitch together the images and data Hubble has collected, what emerges is the Greatest Drama in Human History; the creation of an Awe-Inspiring Universe. This drama includes how the earth formed from a formless dark condition, in a fashion described at Genesis 1: 2.”

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Seahawks faith shared after big win

January 21, 2015 --

Seahawks faith shared after big winrusselwilsonprayer
By Oregon Faith Report

The Seattle Seahawks pulled off one of the biggest come-from-behind victories in playoff history to win a Super Bowl spot. At their moment of victory you could see the Seahawks players circle each other, bend a knee and begin praying a prayer of thanks. It was amazing to see one of the defeated Green Bay Packer prayers join in the prayer circle. This all occurred just seconds after the game winning touchdown.

Seattle Seahawks quarterback, Russel Wilson, was part of the prayer circle and soon ushered away by reporters eager to hear his comments on the unexpected victory. Wilson took the moment in the spotlight to share it with his faith.

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Christian Hip Hop star talks race, abortion…

January 19, 2015 --

By Randy Alcorn
Eternal Perspectives Ministries, Sandy Oregon

Please visit his blog

John Ensor, president of Passion Life Ministries, recently sat down with Christian Hip Hop artist Lecrae and John Piper to discuss abortion and racism, as we mark Sanctity of Human Life Sunday (January 18) and Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (January 19).

This is a compelling discussion about the story behind Lecrae’s song “Good, Bad, Ugly,” the remorse of abortion, and ultimately the healing power of the gospel of Christ. I love and have great respect for both Lecrae and Piper, and appreciate so much what they have to share. Listen to Lecrae’s story about his bad decisions and, more significantly, the powerful grace of God in his life. Some great dialogue on Hip Hop and Rap as well.

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Boy confesses his Heaven bestseller is untrue

January 16, 2015 --

Alex Malarkey has made a big confession regarding his book about dying and visiting heaven. Malarkey said he made the whole thing up. Below is a Today show news clip.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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College chapel & Muslim prayer case


by Institute on Religion and Democracy

Plans to begin issuing the Muslim call to prayer from a bell tower at North Carolina’s Duke University have been withdrawn after public outcry, the Associated Press is reporting.

The Duke Muslim Students Association planned to chant the call, or adhan, from the Duke Chapel bell tower on Fridays. The adhan signals the beginning of the weekly prayer service. The call was to last three minutes and be “moderately amplified,” according to the University.

Duke has historic ties to the United Methodist Church, and the chapel’s associate dean for religious life defended the initial plans as representing “a larger commitment to religious pluralism that is at the heart of Duke’s mission.” Evangelist Franklin Graham was among those critical of the proposal.

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Video: PDX protesters v. Westboro Baptist

January 14, 2015 --

Westboro Baptist protesters from Kansas came to Portland to protest at a Blazer Game recently, but were met with a populous crowd of counter-protesters. See KOIN video below.

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Lessons from the Hunger Games

January 12, 2015 --

By Paul Louis Metzger

Multnomah University Professor
New Wine Skins Ministry

The following post may contain spoilers. If you have not seen Hunger Games or have not met President Snow of the Capitol personally, please continue at your own risk.

I recently watched The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1. I am fascinated by the way in which the Hunger Games franchise grips the imaginations of so many young people. The theme of the struggle for survival in the face of overwhelming odds stands out to me. Could it be that many children and young of heart (and old of hurt) resonate with the films because they might experience some level of catharsis through these cinematic sagas? Like the heroine (Katniss Everdeen) and those associated with her, many young, mesmerized viewers feel the weight of the world on their shoulders. They have to grow up way too early in life and take on gigantic challenges. They might feel like mediators who represent others vicariously in the struggle for the survival of the fittest.

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