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Raising a church among UofO students

November 30, 2016 --
Resonate Church connected with thousands of students the week prior to the launch of the Eugene campus

Editor’s Note: Resonate Church, a multisite church network that began at Washington State University in Pullman nine years ago, is aiming to start churches in more than 20 college towns across the Northwest over the next several years. It recently launched a site at the University of Oregon in Eugene. Following is Chance Chaffin’s first-person account of the experience:

Most of us on the Resonate Eugene team never thought we’d be church planters.

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Teen gets prison for gang shooting at church

November 28, 2016 --

shtrBy Oregon Faith News Note,

A Clackamas County judge told a 17-year-old boy it’s not too late to turn his life around before sentencing him to seven and a half years in prison.

Todd Petrie Jr., who pleaded guilty to attempted murder after firing shots in a Happy Valley church parking lot in August. The young man, described as a “gang member wannabe” by Clackamas County Senior Deputy District Attorney Scott Healy, admitted to firing 11 shots at Frank Nifon outside the New Hope Church Aug. 17. Four bullets struck the 18-year-old, who survived.

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13 state groups join to help NW florist same-sex wedding case

November 23, 2016 --

cnnw-logoBy Christian News Northwest

Numerous states and groups filed friend-of-the-court briefs several weeks ago with the Washington Supreme Court in support of a Richland floral artist and the principle that the government cannot force Americans to promote messages and participate in events with which they disagree. Among the parties filing briefs are 13 states, various constitutional scholars and legal experts, a wide range of religious organizations and denominations, and an international association of Christian photographers.

The Washington Supreme Court agreed in March to hear the case of floral artist and business owner Barronelle Stutzman, whom the state attorney general and the American Civil Liberties Union sued for her faith-based decision not to provide flowers for a same-sex wedding. Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) attorneys represent Stutzman and her business, Arlene’s Flowers.

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Graphic novel Bible breaks record

November 21, 2016 --

I’m excited to share about a new graphic novel version of the Bible that’s now available, called The Kingstone Bible. It’s released by my friends at Kingstone Media, a publisher dedicated to producing quality graphic novels that are biblically sound and Christ-centered.

The Kingstone Bible is the longest single graphic novel ever published, as well as the most complete graphic novel adaptation of the Bible. My book The Apostle is part it, telling the story of Paul’s life and ministry, mainly based on the book of Acts. The Action Bible, which my grandsons love, has sold over a million copies. It’s proven that the Bible in graphic novel form can be both engaging and Christ-honoring. The Kingstone Bible is every bit as compelling as the Action Bible, but it utilizes many more illustrators (over 45) and covers a lot more biblical content. Here’s more about it:

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Election results and the religious voter

November 18, 2016 --

Bill Donohue comments on electoral results of an interesting kind:

Americans have been told over and over again by well-educated liberals that they need to jettison their tired ways and become more accepting of change. Change, they tell us in their lordly fashion, is difficult, but it is also a reality we need to face.

For example, when we object to art that trashes our religion, we are told we need to become more accepting of works that challenge our values. When parents protest that boys claiming to be girls should not be permitted to shower with their daughters, they are admonished for not getting with the times. And so on.

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NW Pastor’s post-election video plea goes big

November 16, 2016 --

pastor-fuscoOregon Faith News Note,

Since the election of Donald Trump as president Nov. 8, nearly 300,000 people have viewed a two-minute video on love and healing posted by a pastor at the nondenominational Crossroads Community Church in Vancouver.

Daniel Fusco, lead pastor at one of Clark County’s largest churches, regularly posts two-minute videos on Facebook called #2minutemessage, but the one posted the day after the election went viral.

In the video, Fusco noted that we all knew half the country would be disappointed with the election results, and already he’s seen friends on social media talk about fleeing the nation.

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The “Adoptive Families Must be Rich” myth

November 14, 2016 --

sistersbigBy Holt International
Based in Eugene Oregon

One of the greatest misconceptions about adoption is that everyone who adopts has thousands of dollars lying around just waiting for somewhere to spend it. Not True! In fact, most families don’t start the adoption process with the full amount they will need to bring a child home. But because of their desire to grow their family through adoption, they use the many resources out there and find creative ways to fund their adoption.

Don’t let finances be the reason you don’t adopt.

We understand the cost of adoption, and we know that it can seem like an insurmountable obstacle. But we have also seen so many examples of families that overcame this obstacle by raising the funds. Read about how the Sykora family, the Kanallakan family and the Brown family all covered the costs of their adoption.

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Obama’s edited religion remarks

November 11, 2016 --

Bill Donohue comments on remarks made by President Barack Obama in his interview with Bill Maher that were cut from Maher’s Nov. 4 show:

Not all of the comments made by President Obama in his interview with Bill Maher were aired on Maher’s HBO show. Fortunately, the ones that were cut are available on You Tube. Here are some statements made by Obama that were not aired:

“I think we should foster a culture in which people’s private religious beliefs, including atheists and agnostics, are respected and that’s the kind of culture that I think allows all of us to believe in what we want. That’s freedom of conscience. It’s what the Constitution guarantees and where we get into problems typically is when our personal religious faith or the community of faith that we participate in tips the fundamentalist extremism in which it’s not enough for us to believe what we believe but we start feeling obligated to hit you over the head because you don’t believe the same thing or to treat you as somebody who’s less than I am.”

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Starting a skateboarding ministry

November 9, 2016 --

Alum open first city skateboard ministry: 'excited to share the gospel’First city skateboard ministry: ‘excited to share the gospel’
Corban University, Salem Oregon
Photo: Chad Nix built a ramp with other Corban students in their backyard in order to have a place where skateboarders could ride during the winter months.

During his senior year at Corban, 2016 graduate Chad Nix was often found working on building a covered skateboard ramp. Wanting to minister to skate boarders in the city, he’s doing just that – literally in his own backyard. Founded by two Corban students, Shepherd Skate Ministry is Salem’s first and only ministry of its kind.

Today, Chad is working in accounting but continues leading the ministry thankful for how Corban encouraged him in founding the ministry. He’s dreamt about it since committing his own life to Jesus at Hume Lake Camp in 7th grade.

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Video: Rev. Graham message on election eve

November 8, 2016 --

The Reverend Franklin Graham speaks with Fox News on his appeal to Christians before election night.


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