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Poll: How Americans view organized religion

September 19, 2018 --

Pew Research,

The highly religious typology groups – Sunday Stalwarts, God-and-Country Believers and the Diversely Devout – tend to have positive views of churches and other religious institutions. Majorities in each of these groups say that religious organizations strengthen morality, bring people together and do more good than harm.

By contrast, the nonreligious groups – the Solidly Secular and especially the Religion Resisters – are far less positive about the role organized religion plays in society. A majority in each group says that churches have too much influence in politics, and substantial shares say religion pushes people apart and does more harm than good.

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Oregon Ad Battle: Atheist vs. Hobby Lobby

September 16, 2018 --

By M. Martin, Oregon writer,

The nature and narrative of America’s religious history is being battled out with full page ads in the state’s largest newspaper.  First it was Hobby Lobby placing a full page in The Oregonian on Independence Day (Independence Day ad here). Now this weekend, the Freedom from Religion Foundation, used the upcoming Constitution Day, September 18th, as perfect timing to place a full page ad in the Sunday Oregonian and Monday’s Oregonian entitled “Celebrate our Godless Constitution”. The ad also highlights the phrase “In Reason We Trust” and features six American Founding Father quotes that speak about their secular observations or their criticism of modern religion.

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Christian ad barred from Football field

September 14, 2018 --

Press Release by 4 Winds USA,

Before a Louisiana high school football game, two Benton High School students were told they had to remove Christian logos from the end zones. The two students left the field and did not help those who removed the logos.

The “Christ Fit Gym” logos included a cross and Bible verse. A business, Christ Fit Gym, paid the football booster club $3,500 for the 2018-19 season to display the logos.

In February, Americans United for Separation of Church and State filed a federal lawsuit against the school district. They complained the district promoted Christianity and was trying to convert students.

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Child pornographers holding each other hostage

September 12, 2018 --

Oregon US Attorney General,
Press Release,

Andre Eugene Shaw, 34, of Portland, was sentenced to 63 months in federal prison followed by three years of supervised release for extorting child pornographers for money and services.

Shaw previously pleaded guilty to extortion, transmitting extortionate communications in interstate commerce, money laundering and possessing an unregistered short-barreled assault rifle in May 2018. The victims of the extortionate acts and communications were people who produced, traded in or collected child pornography.

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Paula breaks Eugene ballpark crowd record!

September 10, 2018 --

By Luis Palau Association,

What a great week in Eugene! The Lord worked in awesome ways in Lane County at numerous outreaches and CityFest at PK Park. The event was a fun-filled day of music, action sports, activities for kids, and multiple opportunities for individuals to hear a powerful message of hope in Jesus Christ.

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College bars Valentine Bible message

September 8, 2018 --

By Faith News Note,

Fox News interviews a woman who was blocked by security from handing out Valentine hearts with Bible messages on them at a local college campus.

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Mother Teresa order unfairly attacked

September 6, 2018 --

Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights,

Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on news stories about the Missionaries of Charity in Kolkata (previously referred to as Calcutta), India:

Mother Teresa’s order, the Missionaries of Charity, has come under fire for allegedly being involved in a baby selling racket in Kolkata. There is little doubt that four babies were sold by a lay woman working with the nuns. But attempts to pin the blame on the nuns are specious.

This story unfolded on June 29 when government officials from social welfare and child protection agencies showed up at Nirmal Hriday (Tender Hearts), a home for the dispossessed run by the sisters in Ranchi. The proximate cause of their visit was a report that a woman had given birth there on May 1. The mother quickly decided to surrender the boy to the Child Welfare Committee (CWC).

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NFL cheerleading & its sexualization should end

September 5, 2018 --

By Tom Krattenmaker

Oregon author
Featured often in USA Today, Religion News Service

Miss America has finally retired its antiquated practice of parading women onstage in swimsuits. The National Football League ought to go next.

Actually, a beauty-pageant swimsuit competition is mild compared to what passes for “cheerleading” in the NFL, which dives into its 2018 preseason this week. Besides putting the sexy young performers on the sidelines in bikini-sized costumes, professional football teams have them shake and twerk in ways more akin to pole-dancing than traditional cheerleading.

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Pastor serving the deaf community for 40 years

September 3, 2018 --

By Sheila Allen
Northwest Baptist Convention,

A routine class assignment at California Baptist University changed the trajectory of Fred DeBerry’s life. After leaving the Navy where he served during the Viet Nam war and enrolling at CBU, DeBerry volunteered in a school for his classroom assignment.

He wound up at the California School for the Deaf, which was an educational and residential program.

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