August 31, 2013 - Atheist convention hosts celebrities, athletes

American Atheists Press Release American Atheists revealed details on Wednesday about its 2014 national convention in Salt Lake City, announcing that speakers will include NFL Raiders punter Chris Kluwe, Survivor®: Philippines winner and sex therapist Denise Stapley, and Grammy®-nominated Spin Doctors bass player Mark White. The convention will also feature […]

August 30, 2013 - Book unifies Catholics & Evangelicals, dispells differences

Creation House Publishers’ Spanish publishing division, Casa Creacion, has announced that the book “The Stained Glass Curtain: Crossing the Evangelical-Catholic Divide to Find our Common Heritage” by Father Dimitri Sala will be translated into Spanish for distribution this fall. “La Cortina de Vitrales: Cuando Penetramos la División entre Evangélicos y […]

August 28, 2013 - Read Portland bomber, Mohamud, apology letter

Read the Portland bomber (Mohamud) apology letter Faith News Note: The convicted Portland bomber, Mohamud Mohamud, is facing sentencing soon and has written a very poignant letter to the judge apologizing for his actions. The letter states, “My actions on November 26th were terrible. To think back to that day […]

August 27, 2013 - Parents seek MTV firing over Miley Cyrus

Parents Television Council The Parents Television Council issued the following statement in response to MTV Video Music Awards (VMA). “MTV has once again succeeded in marketing sexually charged messages to young children using former child stars and condom commercials — while falsely rating this program as appropriate for kids as […]

August 26, 2013 - Wyden & U.S. Attorney to speak at human trafficking event

Local state legislators will join the Oregon Senator for a noon luncheon at the Eugene Hilton on Tuesday, August 27 U.S. Senator Ron Wyden Press Release On Wednesday, August 27, 2013, Oregon Senator Ron Wyden and U.S. Attorney Amanda Marshall will address a meeting of Zonta International on efforts to […]

August 26, 2013 - Petition Backlash: California Transgender Bathroom Bill

Update: California became the first state in the nation to pass it’s own Co-Ed/Transgender Bathroom Bill when Governor Jerry Brown signed AB1266 into law a few weeks ago .  The Co-Ed/Transgender Bathroom Bill  gives students the new right “to participate in sex-segregated programs, activities and facilities”and allows them to choose […]

August 24, 2013 - Ex-Pope: God told me to step down

Ex-Pope: God told me to step down Oregon Faith News Note: Former Pope Benedict XVI said that his decision to step down was based purely on that “God told me to”.  It was not a booming voice or a vision but rather clear communication from a months-long mystical experience. Benedict […]

August 23, 2013 - Duck Dynasty Christian faith to be tested

Duck Dynasty Christian faith to be tested Oregon guest writer, This new Duck Dynasty season will be the time when their Christian faith will be more publicized and scrutinized like never before. It starts with Duck Dynasty’s patriarch, Phil Robertson, who has shared on his desire to use Duck Dynasty’s […]

August 22, 2013 - Seattle Police use Doiritos as tool during Hempfest

NW Faith News Note: New attention is being brought to Seattle’s annual Hempfest as the state last year voted to ease their marijuana laws. Seattle Police decided to use the event as a way to educate Hempfest attendees about what is legal and what is not. To get their message […]

August 21, 2013 - CA Governor signs Co-Ed bathroom bill

Governor Brown Signs Co-Ed Bathroom Bill — California Students Lose Their Right to Privacy Karen England, Capitol Resource Institute, Assembly Bill 1266 was signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown. AB 1266 forces schools to allow students to participate in sex-segregated school programs, sports activities, and to be allowed access […]