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Sex abuse files surface in Boy Scout, Mormon case

March 30, 2010 --

Faith Report News Note:

An Oregon sex abuse case could uncover a secret Boy Scout file of Scout leader sexual abusers.  Some have labeled the records as the “Perversion Files”. A Portland lawyer, Kelly Clark, has obtained over 1,000 of these records. Because the Mormon Church was a charter organization, they are also named in the case.

KVAL reports more on the story,“At the start of the Oregon trial, attorney Kelly Clark recited the Boy Scout oath and the promise to obey Scout law to be “trustworthy.” Then he presented six boxes of documents that he said will show “how the Boy Scouts of America broke that oath.”  He held up file folder after file folder he said contained reports of abuse from around the country, telling the jury the efforts to keep them secret may have actually set back efforts to prevent child abuse nationally. “The Boy Scouts of America ignored clear warning signs that Boy Scouts were being abused,” Clark said.

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Shroud of Turin still draws millions of pilgrims

March 29, 2010 --

Georgene Rice of KPDQ-FM interviews Robert Wilcox author of the “Truth about the Shroud of Turin, Solving the Mystery” and discusses his investigations and the remarkable scientific and technological revelations.

Georgene: There’s a curiosity and fascination about the possibility there is a piece of cloth that may bear the negative image of Jesus Christ’s as it was laid over His tortured body during His historic death and burial. It will go on display again in April and it is expected to draw a crowd of over 2 million people, five times the number that attended the Winter Olympics.  Mr. Wilcox, what motivated you to pursue and understanding of the Shroud of Turin and why do you think it is especially important to authenticate this relic? 

Wilcox: I’m a writer always looking for amazing stories. The thought there could be material evidence of Christ, a picture of Jesus, if it’s true; a picture of His resurrection, if it’s true; and especially a picture of His passion which was just so terrible. Faith doesn’t have to be there because of that, but if you are a Christian, you want to see this.  The burden of proof is now on the doubters. There are just too many facts that point to authenticity. There is nothing in the world like the Shroud of Turin.

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Economy slams churches at unprecedented rate

March 28, 2010 --

Nearly 40% of churches reported declines in giving in 2009, according to the annual “State of the Plate” research, with megachurches and West Coast churches suffering most.

Nearly 40% of churches across the country experienced a decline in church giving and offerings in 2009, representing two consecutive years of significant decreases, according to the 2nd annual “State of the Plate” research by Maximum Generosity and Christianity Today International. “Churches today are in unchartered waters financially,” says Brian Kluth, founder of Maximum Generosity. “After the October 2008 stock market drop, 29% of churches experienced a decline in giving and this past year the number has climbed up to 38% of churches. Multiple research projects last year documented the sharp decline in church giving and our research this year shows things have only gotten worse for a growing number of churches.”

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Family-Faith Film Review: The Bounty Hunter

March 27, 2010 --

Family-Faith Film Review: The Bounty Hunter
By Catholic Office of Film and Broadcasting

The Bounty Hunter—Forgettable, frequently mean-spirited mix of romantic comedy and crime story begins with a former police officer-turned-bounty hunter (Gerard Butler) delightedly arresting his journalist ex-wife (Jennifer Aniston) after she fails to appear for a court hearing, but the two quickly become entangled in a case of police corruption that leaves them dodging bullets and, far less successfully, a renewed hail of arrows from cupid’s bow. Any potentially heartwarming elements in director Andy Tennant’s predictable tale of rekindling romance get lost amid the frenetic shuffle as the rival protagonists use a Taser stun gun on one another as well as tackle and handcuff each other. Some action violence, scenes of torture, brief rear nudity, several sexual jokes and references, about eight uses of profanity, a bit of rough and much crude language. L — limited adult audience, films whose problematic content many adults would find troubling. (PG-13) 2010.  Full Review

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Family-Faith Film Review: She's Out of My League


Family-Faith Film Review: She’s Out of My League
By Catholic Office of Film and Broadcasting

She’s Out of My League—Raunchy romantic comedy in which a nerdy but good-hearted Pittsburgh airport security agent (Jay Baruchel) manages to attract the interest of a fetching, sophisticated party planner (Alice Eve), and endures a series of romantic ups and downs, as his three slacker best friends and co-workers (Mike Vogel, T.J. Miller and Nate Torrence) as well as his ornery ex-girlfriend (Lindsay Sloane) insist the relationship will never last. Director Jim Field Smith squanders potentially worthwhile themes about rejecting stereotypes and basing lasting attachments on personal rather than merely physical qualities, opting instead for a barrage of sophomoric antics and frequently distasteful sight gags. Pervasive sexual humor, rear nudity, brief nongraphic sexual activity, implicit approval of premarital sex, about 10 uses of profanity, and constant rough and crude language, including at least 40 uses of the F-word.  O — morally offensive. (R) 2010.  Full Review

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Immigration Reform: Faith leaders rally in DC

March 26, 2010 --

Progressive faith leaders across the country and from different religions gathered in Washington DC to support immigration reform.

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Survey: Sex-Ed choice for schools

March 25, 2010 --

Oregon Faith Report Survey,

Oregon recently end all abstinence only education in public schools.  A survey of Oregon Faith Report viewers revealed their choice for sex-education where over 70% do want some form of abstinence education.  28% said they would prefer no-sex at all.

Preferred choice of teaching sex education

Fill out the new Oregon Faith survey on Obama-Israel debste, Clergy sex abuse, No Child Left Behind, billionaire compassion CLICK HERE,


– Would prefer abstinence-only education, but don’t feel that is realistic in a public school. I would support a more comprehensive program if the focus was heavy on abstinence-only with a solid moral foundation, but that’s likely not realistic for a public school.   

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Luis Palau in historic Vietnam visit


A New Day in Vietnam
Luis Palau Ministries, Beaverton

Vietnam Pastors ConferenceHo Chi Minh City, Vietnam (March 19) – Speaking to 500 Vietnamese pastors and hundreds more by live Internet feed, evangelist Dr. Luis Palau commended Vietnam’s pastors for their unity, respect for authorities, and passion for church growth.  Dr. Palau was in Vietnam March 11-17, leading an American delegation that held meetings in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City with Vietnam authorities, US diplomats, and pastors representing every denomination.

Pastors described the event as historic and unprecedented, evidence of significant changes that are taking place in Vietnam on many fronts. The two-day conference organized by the Vietnamese pastors included addresses by Dr. Palau, Intel executive Rick Coulson, San Diego pastor Mike MacIntosh, and investment banker and former Secretary of the Navy John Dalton.  The conference kicked off in Hanoi and then moved south to Ho Chi Minh City, formerly Saigon.  In Hanoi, Dr. Palau and his delegation met with US Ambassador Michael W. Michalak who told Palau there has been progress on issues related to religious freedom.  He cited as an example the Vietnamese government granting permission this past December for house churches to hold a one-day celebration. It was attended by 40,000 people.

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Israel-White House debate. Who is right?

March 24, 2010 --

Oregon Faith Report News Note:

Vice President Biden recently visited Israel where at the same time it was announced settlement housing expansion in East Jerusalem.   This set the American visit on edge and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave a quick and sincere apology.  Now the issue has stirred up a strong disagreement to both sides.   Some see the Middle East Peace Talks in danger and a widening rift between America and Israel.  Please view the video (and ad) to see a recent CNN report.

Join the debate by giving us your opinion. Take our Oregon online survey on who is in the “right” in this Israel-White House feud. Plus answer bonus questions on clergy sex-abuse, No Child Left Behind changes and billionaire charity.

Watch CNN video below:

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