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30 Oregon "National Prayer Day" events scheduled

April 30, 2012 --

30 Oregon “National Prayer Day” events scheduled 
See various events scheduled by Oregon city locations.

Linn County Courthouse Prayer –
Dan Jablonski — HOPC – House of Prayer and Celebration
05/03/2012 11:45 am – 05/03/2012 1:00 pm

Worship and Prayer. A live worship team and 7 area pastors and community leaders leading prayer for the 7 spheres of our society. Balloons for the children. Rain or shine. Outdoors on the front steps of the courthouse building.
300 4th Ave SW, Albany, OR 97321
Contact: Dan Jablonski — 541-981-2400

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NW Pastor: Say "No" to ministry?


Pastor Encourages People to Say No to Ministry
By WinePress Publishing,

ENUMCLAW, Wash.– The Rev. Dr. Eugene Blair is concerned about people who end up in full-time Christian ministry only to discover that they’re in the wrong vocation. After their long, expensive road to seminary, ordination, and consecration, these ministers are miserable — not to mention the plight of those under their ministry.

“Many of these pastors have wound up in ministry for all the wrong reasons,” says Dr. Blair. “I think they simply didn’t have the means to ask the right questions or reflect in meaningful ways about their call.”

Dr. Blair has held a number of ministry leadership positions, including missionary service in Kenya, East Africa. Currently he is the Flint District Superintendent of the United Methodist Church’s Detroit Conference. He is also author or contributing author of several books. He has written “Maybe God Is Trying to Tell You Something: Listening for Your Call to Ministry” to help people think through their decisions sooner, rather than later. He wants them be certain that they have heard God’s voice, and he helps readers take inventory of their gifts, skills, and the stamina required to be pastors. Then, if they determine they have not been called, Dr. Blair encourages them to pursue different vocations with peace and confidence.

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May 3rd – National Day of Prayer

April 29, 2012 --

‘One Nation Under God’ Americans to Unite and Pray on Thursday, May 3rd, for the 61st Annual Observance of the National Day of Prayer
The National Day of Prayer Task Force,

As American troops remain in harm’s way, our economy continues to waiver, and we quickly approach our upcoming elections, citizens of the United States are preparing to exercise their freedom to gather, worship, and pray. Millions will answer the call to prayer on May 3rd in observance of the 61st annual National Day of Prayer. Organized events will be held in thousands of public venues where intercession will be made for America and its leadership.

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Video tribute to Chuck Colson

April 28, 2012 --

Here is a video tribute that shows insightful interviews and images of Chuck Colson’s ministry.

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60 Minutes criticized over Christians leaving Israel video

April 27, 2012 --

“60 Minutes” Targets Israel and Ignores Real Persecution of Christians in the Middle East Says IRD
By Institute on Religion & Democracy

In a segment entitled “Christians in the Holy Land,” that aired on Sunday, April 22, CBS’s “60 Minutes” focused on the plight of Palestinian Christians in Bethlehem and Jerusalem. Correspondent Bob Simon declared that the “exodus of Christians from the Holy Land,” could eventually leave it “without a Christian population.” Although facts show that the oppression, persecution, and killing of these Christians for their faith is part of the pattern of persecution experienced by Christians elsewhere in the Islamic world, “60 Minutes” ignored Islamic violence against Christians and laid blame for the Christian migration squarely at the feet of Israel, the only country in the Middle East where Christians actually have religious freedom.

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Born Without Hands. Wins Penmanship Award — Holt adoptee


Holt Adoptee, Born Without Hands, Wins National Penmanship Award
By Holt International
Based in Eugene Oregon

On April 18th, Holt adoptee Annie Clark received the Nicholas Maxim Special Award for Excellent Penmanship — one of two awards the Zaner-Bloser language arts and reading company offers for students who have disabilities.

Born without hands, Annie has learned to write with a pencil wedged between her arms. As the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports, Annie’s parents — Tom and Mary Ellen Clark — says this is also how their 7-year-old daughter feeds and dresses herself, cuts with scissors and even paints her toenails.

“Annie has always been very, very determined, very self-sufficient in dressing herself and feeding herself,” Mr. Clark told a Post-Gazette reporter. “She can ride a bike. She swims. She is just determined that there’s nothing she can’t do.”

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Ore. Episopal wins Book Battle, George Fox wins debate

April 26, 2012 --

Below are two announcements of local Oregon schools winning top honors.

Oregon Episcopal wins Battle of the Books

The fifth annual Oregon Battle of the Books was held April 14 at Chemetka Community College; Oregon Episcopal School took home first prize.   Though Jonathan Swift originated the term in the eighteenth century, nowadays a battle of the books has more to do with TV game shows than with satire. To compete, students in elementary and middle school grades must read sixteen books, which are chosen pre-competition. High schoolers only have to read twelve books. The children then form into five-person teams and compete against each other in a quiz-show format. For more, read here.

George Fox speech and debate team excels at national, regional competitions
by George Fox University

Squad bests UCLA, Stanford and other top schools at U.S. Universities National Debate Tournament

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Catholic League vs. Comedy Central

April 25, 2012 --

We’re Getting to Jon Stewart says Catholic League  
Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights,

According to the Tampa Bay Times, while performing in Florida on Saturday night, Jon Stewart “offered some serious messages, railing against cable TV news channels’ ‘outrage machine’ after noting the Catholic League boycotted him for a joke placing a manger between a woman’s legs.”

Stewart then said, “I’m not going to censor myself to comfort your ignorance.” The newspaper said this remark was made “in a rare moment of seriousness.”

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Bringing hope to Haiti's prisons

April 24, 2012 --

Taking hope to a prison in Haiti 
By Guest Submission,

On March 31st, the Luis Palau Association (based in Beaverton)  joined with local churches and sponsor, Haiti Broilers to host an evangelistic outreach in Port-au-Prince. Music and freestyle motocross demonstrations delighted Haitians in the record crowd of 35,000.

Andrew Palau’s offered a message of hope through his own testimony, “For this to come about in the current circumstances is nothing short of a long list of miracles.” Andrew and team members also visited Port-au-Prince’s largest prison. Festival Director Randy Burtis shared a glimpse into the prison outreach:

“The first stop was a concrete plaza surrounded by cells. As Dave Lubben led a worship song in Creole, the prisoners joined in. Andrew shared that who the Son sets free is free indeed, and prayed a salvation prayer with those who responded. The doors opened and the square filled with prisoners lining up to receive the hygiene kits we brought.

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Chuck Colson remembered 1931-2012

April 23, 2012 --

Remembering Chuck Colson

Evangelical Christianity lost one of its most eloquent and influential voices today with the death of Charles W. “Chuck” Colson. The Prison Fellowship and Colson Center for Christian Worldview founder died at 3:12 p.m. on Saturday from complications resulting from a brain hemorrhage. Colson was 80.

A Watergate figure who emerged from the country’s worst political scandal, a vocal Christian leader and a champion for prison ministry, Colson spent the last years of his life in the dual role of leading Prison Fellowship, the world’s largest outreach to prisoners, ex-prisoners and their families, and the Colson Center, a teaching and training center focused on Christian worldview thought and application.

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